Change the Field Name for a Content Type

When I created a new Content Type in WSS 3.0 I could not find a way to change the name of the Title Field with out changing the base Item Type.

When you add a Field to a Content Type, you are actually creating FieldLinks, so you need to change the name of the Link not the Field.

The snippet below shows how to change the Title Display Name to Company

SPFieldLink fieldLink = contentType.FieldLinks["Title"];
fieldLink.DisplayName = "Company";
Author Greg Duffield

Greg has too many years experience in developement from VB for DOS all the way through to Windows Workflow and LINQ while covering pretty much every technology in between. A complete MS evangelist he is now Director of the only MS Gold Partner IT services company in Norfolk. Wehere they are producing Web 2 Applications for various sectors, and are currently entering the Haulage industry with their latest product.

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