Activating flash automatically with javascript

I find it really annoying when you go to a website and you have a flash movie or flash navigation and you have to click on the flash to activate it before you can start interacting with it. With a little bit of javascript you can automatically activate the movie so it becomes a seemless part of a website.

Here is how it works:

Include the javascript file you can find here:

Then put this on your page where the flash is.

<div id="flashcontent">
  This text is replaced by the Flash movie.

<script type="text/javascript">
   var so = new SWFObject("movie.swf""mymovie""400""200""8""#336699");

Thats it! If javascript is disabled then the content of the div is shown so you can put a useful message there.

There is a full breakdown of each part of the solution with further examples at the link above.

Author Andrew Clark

Web Application Developer

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