Error connecting to undo manager of source file

The Problem

If you are using the Web Application Project Template (with as the Add On or as part of SP1) you can get this error.

This error can simply appear at any time for no apparent reason. There have been several suggestions on the web on how to get around this involving excluding files and rebuilding. These solutions will not work if it is a referenced page or user control though.

The Solution

  • Delete the offending designer file
  • Right click on the aspx or ascx and choose Convert to Web Application
  • Done
Author Greg Duffield

Greg has too many years experience in developement from VB for DOS all the way through to Windows Workflow and LINQ while covering pretty much every technology in between. A complete MS evangelist he is now Director of the only MS Gold Partner IT services company in Norfolk. Wehere they are producing Web 2 Applications for various sectors, and are currently entering the Haulage industry with their latest product.


Krishna said:

It works

13/Nov/2009 12:34 PM

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