Web 2 Ajax Style Animated Gif's

When searching high and low for a ajax style wait icon I came across the following sites.

The first is a very good source of web 2 style animated gifs:

http://www.sanbaldo.com/wordpress/1/ajax_gif/ - Example:

I also found this GIF generator :




More GIFs needed!

If you know of another site, add a comment and I'll update this article.


Author Paul Hayman

Paul is the COO of kwiboo ltd and has more than 20 years IT consultancy experience. He has consulted for a number of blue chip companies and has been exposed to the folowing sectors: Utilities, Telecommunications, Insurance, Media, Investment Banking, Leisure, Legal, CRM, Pharmaceuticals, Interactive Gaming, Mobile Communications, Online Services.

Paul is the COO and co-founder of kwiboo (http://www.kwiboo.com/) and is also the creator of GeekZilla.



21/Jun/2007 15:21 PM

Nathan said:

11/Jun/2009 12:48 PM

weGIF said:

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09/Jan/2010 14:34 PM

Said Bakr said:



It is free online generator. Also it allows you to sign up for free to save your previous generated items. However, you could able to use it without signing up.

21/Jul/2010 13:51 PM

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