What screen size should we be building sites for?

With high resolution screens becoming increasingly cheaper to buy, what screen size should we really be building websites for?

I took some stats from GeekZilla (in google analytics) and was pleased to find that the most popular was reasonable and that the horror which is 800x600 came in eleventh and only held 1.03% of the total.

The top 25

Author Paul Hayman

Paul is the COO of kwiboo ltd and has more than 20 years IT consultancy experience. He has consulted for a number of blue chip companies and has been exposed to the folowing sectors: Utilities, Telecommunications, Insurance, Media, Investment Banking, Leisure, Legal, CRM, Pharmaceuticals, Interactive Gaming, Mobile Communications, Online Services.

Paul is the COO and co-founder of kwiboo (http://www.kwiboo.com/) and is also the creator of GeekZilla.


Timo said:

This maybe ok for GeekZilla but what about other non-developer sites ? I think developers in general have better setups than average users. I would still check that site is usable with lower resolutions too.

26/Jul/2007 14:59 PM

Mike said:

It would be best if we could all build a fluid layout sites, but unfortunately it is simply not possible (time/cost wise) using html+css

26/Jul/2007 15:02 PM

John S. said:

How many Geekzilla visitors though aren't savvy computer users? I'd say your audience probably skews the results. Either way, I think 1024x768 is the minimum you should design for. XP tries to set that as the default resolution so you'd have to try pretty hard to run at 800x600.

26/Jul/2007 15:09 PM

Chris said:

I suspect this depends on the type of site though, and how technical the audience is.

I manage a healthcare site with a similar number of visits, which gives 1024x768 (65%), 1280x1024 (13%) and then 800x600 (8%).

26/Jul/2007 16:18 PM

Mark said:

Here is a hint. I did not buy a high resolution monitor so your website could take up the whole damn thing.

26/Jul/2007 17:36 PM

Dzamir said:

I built my website on 1024

26/Jul/2007 19:04 PM

Mads said:

Well, it dependes on do you visitors are.

I assume that GeekZilla primarily have developers visiting, and they most likely run higher resolutions than "mom & dad"-users.

26/Jul/2007 19:05 PM

RobW said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you using visitor stats on this website? That skews the results pretty seriously.

Who visits Geekzilla? I'm guessing mostly geeks, and I'm also guessing their peripherals are not at all representative of the general internet population at all.

26/Jul/2007 21:54 PM

Dave said:

Just because a monitor is 1024x768 doesn't mean that's the best size for a website. Studies have shown readers can scan a long narrow column better than a square. I've also heard someone measure conversions on 1024 and 800 widths, with 800 giving slightly better results. I want to know who has the 3840x1200 monitor set up. Nice.

27/Jul/2007 11:00 AM

phayman said:

Dave, I think the 3840x1200 is a triple monitor setup .. similar to one of mine

27/Jul/2007 11:23 AM

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