nVidia Graphics Drivers

Having problems with nVidia display adapters running on Vista Beta 2. Well you are not alone.

Unfortunately at the moment Vista does not understand turbocache so it will only report on the adapters onboard memory. This means you will get lower than expected Performance Assessments and may not have Aero features available by default.

Also the Vista driver package provided by nVidia may not work. This is due to the unified driver approach nVidia take where they supply a single driver to cover the range of devices. This may mean you have to run with XP drivers, that's if you can get them installed and to work in the first place.

Fortunately some helpfull people have produced an custom INF file which you can drop in the unzipped driver folder and following a driver reinstall you can start (still no turbocache) to take full advantage of your hardware and the slick Vista user interface goodness.

Download the INF (with instructions) from http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9820

There is also a link to more information on the limits imposed by nVidia's approach. Maybe next time I'll rethink my vendor and buy from ATI?

Author Mark Page

Mark is trying not to drink too much 'cool aid' at the moment. All the more for everyone else!

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