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Getting Started With Silverlight

Silverlight Resources You want Silverlight then you'll need the following: The basic Silverlight 1.0 SDK - And if you want to have access to managed code you'll need Silverlight 1.1 SDK - http://m

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Comparing ATLAS and Dojo (part 1)

Comparing ATLAS and Dojo (part 1) This is a first article in a series comparing some of the functionality of ATLAS with another popular AJAX framework called Dojo. Both frameworks have some powerfull components and there is a high degree of overlap. This first article is a straight com

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Adding ATLAS to an Existing Web Application

Adding ATLAS to an Existing Web Application Recently had to add ATLAS to an existing ASP.NET 2.0 application and found that there is more to it than simply adding a reference to the Microsoft.Web.Atlas.dll. I tried registering the assembly in an <@ Register> tag after adding the

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Getting on the Vista developers merry-go-round

Getting on the Vista developers merry-go-round Trying to keep up with the various Vista Beta releases? Want to develop but not sure which version will work on your platform? Here's a useful set of links to make sure you get the right version of the runtime, SDK, Orcas VS extensions and

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Integrating Dojo Fisheye and SiteMapDataSource

Integrating Dojo Fisheye and SiteMapDataSource Everybody seems to be getting excited over this AJAX thing. Even Microsoft are (at last... ok they started it with OWA) getting on the bandwagon with the Atlas libraries. Of course just because Atlas exists doesn't mean you cannot use some

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Extending web.sitemap

Extending web.sitemap If you are using ASP.NET you are probably already familiar with the new sitemap components. The sitemapdatasource and web.sitemap elements make it very easy to build and maintain rich site structures. Using the Eval statement and recursing across the siteMap

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Vista Beta 2 is missing boot.ini

Vista Beta 2 is missing boot.ini The latest build of Vista Beta 2 (Build 5456) does not use boot.ini to store details of boot sequence, display times etc. If you dual boot with XP on the primary partition you can see that Vista install has modified the boot.ini header. ;Warn

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Disabling User Account Control (UAC)

Disabling User Account Control (UAC) Annoyed by the Vista Beta 2 user account control (UAC) dialogs? These are the prompts for authority to install programs, run applications and perform day to day tasks such as some file operations. Also you will notice the that the prompt drop the c

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nVidia Graphics Drivers

nVidia Graphics Drivers Having problems with nVidia display adapters running on Vista Beta 2. Well you are not alone. Unfortunately at the moment Vista does not understand turbocache so it will only report on the adapters onboard memory. This means you will get lower than expected Perf

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Where is IIS 7.0 in Vista Ultimate Edition ?

IIS 7.0 is available in Vista Beta 2 Ultimate Edition but it is well hidden. You can try to install all the 'parts' which make up IIS from the Control Panel under Programs, Windows Features. However, you will see a bewlidering array of items to install. Note that some of these tools still refe

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How To Create A Virtual Machine from a Physical Disk

How To Create A Virtual Machine from a Physical Disk We recently had a problem in converting a physical machine to a virtual machine. We have tools which work on the VMWare server products (ala Platespin) but we could not convert the ESXServer image back to a VMWare Workstation image. Despit

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Problem With SQL Server 2005 on Vista Beta2

Problem With SQL Server 2005 on Vista Beta2 So you've been through the throws of building a Vista Beta 2 installation and boy it looks good. Maybe a couple of missing drivers to hunt down but otherwise all that Vista goodness. So now you want to install some developer tools and start t

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