Getting the Virtual Path of a Request in c#

This simple bit of code will get you the Virtual Path of your current request.

public static string GetVirtualPath(string url)
    if (HttpContext.Current.Request.ApplicationPath == "/")
        return "~" + url;

    return Regex.Replace(url, "^" + 
                   HttpContext.Current.Request.ApplicationPath + "(.+)$""~$1");

Example Usage

 // the Url is
 // and in my instance, DemoApp is the root of the application

 string myVirtualPath = GetVirtualPath(HttpContext.Current.Request.Raw));

 // the result would be ~/default.aspx


Don't forget to include:

using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
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Dima Pasko said:

08/Nov/2007 10:35 AM

phayman said:

ah .. I missed that.. I'm going to have a play with it .. especially the VirtualPathUtility.ToAppRelative() method

14/Jan/2008 17:42 PM

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