Vista Beta 2 is missing boot.ini

The latest build of Vista Beta 2 (Build 5456) does not use boot.ini to store details of boot sequence, display times etc.

If you dual boot with XP on the primary partition you can see that Vista install has modified the boot.ini header.

;Warning: Boot.ini is used on Windows XP and earlier operating systems.
;Warning: Use BCDEDIT.exe to modify Windows Vista boot options.

Vista uses a boot data store and BCDEDIT lets you view and edit this data store.

Available commands includes:

Commands that operate on a store

/createstore    Creates a new and empty boot configuration data store.
/export         Exports the contents of the system store to a file. 
/import         Restores the state of the system store using a backup file created with the /export command.

Commands that operate on entries in a store

/copy           Makes copies of entries in the store.
/create         Creates new entries in the store.
/delete         Deletes entries from the store.

Commands that operate on entry options

/deletevalue    Deletes entry options from the store.
/set            Sets entry option values in the store.

Commands that control output

/enum           Lists entries in the store.
/v              Command-line option that displays entry identifiers in full, rather than using names for well-known identifiers. Use /v by itself as a command to display entry identifiers in full for the ACTIVE type.

Commands that control the boot manager

/bootsequence   Sets the one-time boot sequence for the boot manager.
/default        Sets the default entry that the boot manager will use.
/displayorder   Sets the order in which the boot manager displays the multiboot menu.
/timeout        Sets the boot manager time-out value.
/toolsdisplayorder  Sets the order in which the boot manager displays the tools menu.

Commands that control Emergency Management Services for a boot application

/bootems        Enables or disables Emergency Management Services for a boot application.
/ems            Enables or disables Emergency Management Services for an operating system entry.
/emssettings    Sets the global Emergency Management Services parameters.

Command that control debugging

/bootdebug      Enables or disables boot debugging for a boot application.
/dbgsettings    Sets the global debugger parameters.
/debug          Enables or disables kernel debugging for an operating system entry.

I strongly suggest you backup your datastore before modifying any elements.

Author Mark Page

Mark is trying not to drink too much 'cool aid' at the moment. All the more for everyone else!

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