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Custom Validators using Client Side JavaScript

Custom Validators using Client Side JavaScript In my latest project I am really enjoying using the Ajax Control Toolkit, particularly the ModalPopupExtender. I've been using the popup panels to capture data, but I needed to validate the data that a user enters into certain fields. ASP

Paul Marshall - 50,913 views

Date and Time Functions

Date and Time Functions Here's a handy reference for all of your JavaScript date/time needs. Function Description Returned Values getDate(), getUTCDate() Day of the month 1-31 getDay(), getUTCDay() Day of the week (integer) 0-6 getFullYear(), getUTCFullYear()

Barrington Haynes - 4,832 views

Garmin and Google Maps

Garmin and Google Maps The bought a Garmin Forerunner recently which is a really cool piece of kit but the maps that come with it are very poor. Google maps has an API that allows you to integrate these rich maps into your own web applications. Garmin has the option to export yo

Dave Howard - 13,418 views

Prompting the user

Prompting the user There are three functions you can call which will force the user to acknowledge them. These are alert() confirm() prompt() alert() If you would like to present the user with a notice before allowing them to continue using yo

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