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Lightweight Ajax

Lightweight Ajax Ajax doesn't have to be complicated - at its most basic it just means partial updates your pages rather than reloading the whole page. The attached js library contains just two functions - GetContent and RunJS. GetContent() takes a URL and a element name: It si

Dave Howard - 7,741 views

Date and Time Functions

Date and Time Functions Here's a handy reference for all of your JavaScript date/time needs. Function Description Returned Values getDate(), getUTCDate() Day of the month 1-31 getDay(), getUTCDay() Day of the week (integer) 0-6 getFullYear(), getUTCFullYear()

Barrington Haynes - 4,890 views

Launching an Atlas ModalPopupExtender from JavaScript

Launching an Atlas ModalPopupExtender from JavaScript Looking for an Ajax version of this article?? Looking round the web there are some crazy ways people are trying to launch the ModalPopupExtender from JavaScript, the most common way being setting a timeout which calls the Click meth

Paul Hayman - 54,483 views

Garmin and Google Maps

Garmin and Google Maps The bought a Garmin Forerunner recently which is a really cool piece of kit but the maps that come with it are very poor. Google maps has an API that allows you to integrate these rich maps into your own web applications. Garmin has the option to export yo

Dave Howard - 13,475 views

TAB inside input boxes

TAB inside input boxes When you want to insert a TAB character inside a textarea (or a textbox) in a web page, you press TAB key and the focus moves to another field in the page instead of a TAB character being inserted into the textarea. The problem is that TAB key is reserved for web pages

Barrington Haynes - 19,080 views

Prompting the user

Prompting the user There are three functions you can call which will force the user to acknowledge them. These are alert() confirm() prompt() alert() If you would like to present the user with a notice before allowing them to continue using yo

Barrington Haynes - 3,629 views