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Getting to know Silverlight

Getting to Know Silverlight One of the most talked-about aspects of Silverlight is its undeniable technical accomplishments. In an age of 50 megabyte downloads, Microsoft managed to squeeze large parts of WPF and a mini-CLR into a tiny browser plug-in, currently under 5MB. Not only that, but it

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Getting Started With Silverlight

Silverlight Resources You want Silverlight then you'll need the following: The basic Silverlight 1.0 SDK - And if you want to have access to managed code you'll need Silverlight 1.1 SDK - http://m

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Introducing Microsoft Silverlight

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight Ref : It is with tremendous pleasure that I can reveal Microsoft Silverlight: our next-generation, cross-platform, cross-browser web client runtime. Silverlight (prev

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