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Resize VMware virtual disk

Resize VMWare virtual disk Here's a handy tip to resize your VMware virtual disk once it's run out of disk space. Open up the run dialogue from the start menu (Start -> Run) or hold down the Windows key and press R. Type cmd and hit enter to open up the Command Prompt. Assumin

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CAPTCHA Server Control

CAPTCHA Server Control I have been searching Google for a way to quickly implement CAPTCHA on one of my web sites and came across this article at The Code Project.

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Date and Time Functions

Date and Time Functions Here's a handy reference for all of your JavaScript date/time needs. Function Description Returned Values getDate(), getUTCDate() Day of the month 1-31 getDay(), getUTCDay() Day of the week (integer) 0-6 getFullYear(), getUTCFullYear()

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Enabling HttpGet and HttpPost for web services

Enabling HttpGet and HttpPost for web services If your web application needs to accept incoming webservice method requests based on the GET and POST protocols then add the following lines to your web.config file. <configuration>   <system.web>

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Unsupported resolutions

Unsupported resolutions To add a resolution such as 1440x900 to your VMWare machine, edit its .vmx file and add the following lines to it. svga.maxHeight = 900 svga.maxWidth = 1440 This helped solve a problem on our widescreen Dell laptops that we use for our development work.

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EasyHTTP EasyHTTP is a simple class which exposes the HTTP functionality of .NET as a number of simpler methods.

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Missing VS2005 Templates

Missing VS2005 Templates If you are having problems with missing VS2005 templates, then the following command run from the VS2005 command prompt may resolve your problems. devenv /installvstemplates

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Referencing ConfigurationManager

Referencing ConfigurationManager When I started working in VS2005, I assumed that accessing your AppSettings would be the same as it was in VS2003. On compiling, the IDE served up the following warning. 'System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings' is obsolete: 'This method

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SQL Server 2005 mdf file Query String

SQL Server 2005 mdf file Query String To add a SQL Server 2005 local database to one of your projects, create the connection as follows. conn = new SqlConnection(@"server=(local)\SQLExpress; AttachDbFileName=|DataDirectory|MyDatabase.mdf; Integrated Security=false;

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TAB inside input boxes

TAB inside input boxes When you want to insert a TAB character inside a textarea (or a textbox) in a web page, you press TAB key and the focus moves to another field in the page instead of a TAB character being inserted into the textarea. The problem is that TAB key is reserved for web pages

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Prompting the user

Prompting the user There are three functions you can call which will force the user to acknowledge them. These are alert() confirm() prompt() alert() If you would like to present the user with a notice before allowing them to continue using yo

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